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2016 Solo Director Introduction

Family | Fun | Fast Drivers:

Hello Fort Wayne SCCA members and guests! If you have not heard, I was elected the Solo Director positon for the Fort Wayne Region. I am excited for the 2016 season and appreciate all that help me secure the position. I would like everyone to extend a big thank you to Ivan and his family for all the hard work they have contributed to the Fort Wayne Region. This position can be very rewarding and stressful and they deserve the acknowledgment of a job well done! Ivan, you are always welcome to drive the Brighton if I am ever competing in it next year ;)

I will be sending out a December date for our first Solo meeting to go over budget items, schedule of events, pro’s/con’s, chief positions, goals and the future we want and expect out of our region. I want us to carry a mission statement for our 2016 season. This will keep us focused and continuously improving as a region and team. “FAMILY, FUN, FAST DRIVERS!!”

FAMILY: continue keeping our event family oriented and inviting to all ages. You can get involved in our club at a very young age and we need to embrace the youth and family atmosphere in our region. This will strengthen our foundation in our community. Fort Wayne has always been known for this atmosphere – let’s keep it alive and strong!

FUN: fun events have been a long time focus in the region, let’s take it up a notch! Brand exposure of our local companies in sponsorships and giveaways, entertainment during the event down times, and bring back fun runs in an organized and rewarding platform.

FAST DRIVERS: Fort Wayne SCCA has a great amount of talent and fast drivers. We need to increase our divisional and national entrant base at events. Improving our core base drivers regional will improve the quality of driver talent at events. Offer opportunities for our talented drivers to excel more with advanced driving schools and improve entry numbers of divisional and national competitors competing on our home turf. Make our marque venue pull the fastest of the fast in our division.

I finish this with one final thought. I am a driven and passionate individual. For us to succeed with the 3 F’s in our region, we need to stay focused, driven, and understand that we will not be perfect at our attempts to improve. But spreading the word, continuously improving our events and members skills, and having a lot of fun will make this happen very quickly. I am feeling AMPED!  ARE YOU!! See you all in December, time and place to be announced soon.



Jason Massey

Fort Wayne SCCA 2016 Solo Director

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