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2017 Solo Season Schedule

2017 Solo Season Schedule

Sat 4/29: Solo School @ IPFW
Sun 4/30: Points #1 @ IPFW
Sun 5/28: Points #2 @ Coliseum
Sat 6/17: Points #3 @ Auburn, with Shifters Club Car Show
Sun 6/18: Points #4 @ Auburn
Sun 7/9: Points #5 @ Coliseum GLDS
Sat 8/5: Points #6 @ Grissom- Hoosier Challenge
Sun 8/6: Points #7 @ Grissom- Hoosier Challenge
Sun 9/24 Points #8 @ Coliseum
Sun 10/8 Fun Event @ Grissom, Rosco Honorary!
Sun 10/22 Points # 9 @ IPFW or Ivy Tech, Halloween Event

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Racin’ for Rosco – a charity event for Michelle and Tyler Rietdorf

Many of you have heard the news of the loss of our fallen racing brother Tony “ROSCO” Rietdorf from an unfortunate accident at 2016 SCCA Solo Nationals. Through all that has been going on with help to his wife and son, we were able to add to this a Fort Wayne Region SCCA autocross charity event where we had zero cost to race at the Grissom AFB venue in Pure, Indiana.

October 9th, 2016 was a very special day for our region to offer as much support possible to Michelle and Tyler. Through the great offerings of a free site to race at from Roger Johnson of Flexible Force, LLC and all of the amazing gifts donate to the silent auction and raffle item opportunities.

The autocross course was designed by Bill Headlee with the spirit of haulin’ ass and enjoying the ride! He touched up the course design naming each turn after sayings Rosco spoke and his famous Rosco Racin’ quote of “Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely, in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting ‘Holy shit, what a ride!”

It was a beautiful day! Sunny and packed with 106 entrants to go and shred tires for Rosco. Not only were there family, friends, and supporters racing, we had helping hands all over that day from helping with the silent auction and raffle items, course setup, course help, food to eat with the Hometown BBQ on site and even watching that gate entrance. The feeling was very overwhelming and so gratefully appreciated by everyone, especially Michelle. She had no words to express exactly how she felt, other than thank you, praying for all of us, and her mission to continue paying forward to others.

Rosco left a loving and energetic footprint for us to follow and continue. It was very obvious from this event how many individuals he touched with his spirit and we will continue this take charge attitude with each day given to us.

We finished the day with a few top special awards we welded up and a “302 PASS” token to one lucky raffle winner to receive the 2017 season autocross at no charge. This token will be raffled at the end of each season to offer both a helping hand to the club for the raffle cost and to that lucky winner to spread the racin’ spirit to all of us.

Thank you everyone for making this event so special and hardcore! It was a pleasure racin’ with you all and helping support the family of one of our most HARDCORE members of the Fort Wayne Region Sports Car Club of America.

Best to you and yours - #MaximumEffort #BeEpic
Jason Massey
Fort Wayne SCCA Solo Director

Special thanks to the following for your gifts (in no particular order):
Sports Car Club of America
Flexible Force, LLC
Speedway Motors
SPS, Solo Performance Specialties
SKF Racing
Dream Makers Automotive
Denise Schober
Advance Auto Parts
Hoosier Performance Engineering
Matt Osborn and Mom Osborn
UMI Performance
Moser Ford
Poptique Popcorn of Columbia City
Komet’s, Vortex Karting, Cebollla's, Fast Tracks, Ruby Tuesday, and Carmike Cinemas for entertainment packages.
Bender Orchard
Miner Family
House of Honda
ABC Warehouse
Redline Honda
Nita Keirn
Britten Family
Hometown BBQ



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Slow in, Fast out.  That is what every rookie should learn.

Generally speaking, new male drivers will go too fast in a corner or steer too much, or try to brake too far into the corner. Basically, they over drive. For them learning slow in fast out is beneficial because it helps in these three areas.

Generally, new female drivers will take more of an average speed through the whole course. Not going full throttle in the straights and going too fast in the corners. Again, learning Slow In, Fast Out helps with this as well.

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In Full Gear!

That is right. We are in full gear to make the 2016 solo season epic. We have confirmed all our dates with our venues and will be getting a move on sponsors on some of the main venues to help offset expenses for the season. I welcome via email, phone call, text message, or facebook communication any ideas you have in regards to sponsors for our season. I am working on a few plans of attack and will have a release on this for our February solo meeting at the Lewis’s place of residence. Not only will we be doing an hour solo meeting, we will host a timing training class with Chris Brake from Indy SCCA region.
Cross training! We are only as strong as the people running the event. I would like to keep us all engaged and taught how the events run, equipment works, and proper unload/load instruction to 
maintain efficient events and in return will make them more fun and high entrants coming to race against us. We will continue our goals of spreading the work load of the events through delegation of chiefs and other helpful triggers at the events to engage new comers and returnees to join in the fun.
Solo Schedule is as follows:
April Sat 23rd - Driver School, Fort Wayne IN - IPFW April Sun 24th - Points Event #1, Fort Wayne 
IN - IPFW May Sat 14th - Points Event #2, Peru IN - Grissom AFB
May Sun 15th - Match Tour Style Regional Event, Peru IN - Grissom AFB June Sat 11th - Auburn 
Shifters Autocross, Auburn IN - RM Auctions June Sun 12th - Points Event #3, Auburn IN - RM 
July Sun 10th - Points Event #4 & GLSS Div. Points Event, Fort Wayne IN - War Memorial Coliseum
August Sat 6th - Points Event #5, Peru IN - Grissom AFB
August Sun 7th - P oi nts E ven t #6 “ HO O SIE R CH ALL ENG E” ,  Peru IN  - Grissom AFB September 
Sun 25th - Points Event #7, Fort Wayne IN - Allen County War Memorial Coliseum October Sun 23rd - 
Po ints Ev ent #8 “  H ALLOW  EEN T HEM ED”  ,  Aub urn IN - RM Auctions November Sun 6th - FUN 
Solo Chief’ s for 2016:
Tech: John Fehring
Reg: Rhonda Fehring | Co-Chief: Melissa Britten
Timing and Scoring: ???OPEN??? Trophies: Ivan R. Almodovar
PR:  ??? OPEN??? Workers:  ??? OPEN??? Rookies: Steve Mieritz Safety:  ??? OPEN???
Solo Meeting:
DATE: February, Saturday 20th at 11AM
EATS?: Pot-Luck style snacks, drinks, lunch
For address: Call Jason at 260-452-7804
Facebook event:

Hope to see some new faces at the solo planning meeting and thanks to a Ivan for wanting to chief the Trophy Chief position! He does a great job at this and look forward what we come up with for the new season in trophies!

Jason Massey
Solo Director
P: (260) 452-7804 | Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Facebook:
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2016 Solo Director Introduction

Family | Fun | Fast Drivers:

Hello Fort Wayne SCCA members and guests! If you have not heard, I was elected the Solo Director positon for the Fort Wayne Region. I am excited for the 2016 season and appreciate all that help me secure the position. I would like everyone to extend a big thank you to Ivan and his family for all the hard work they have contributed to the Fort Wayne Region. This position can be very rewarding and stressful and they deserve the acknowledgment of a job well done! Ivan, you are always welcome to drive the Brighton if I am ever competing in it next year ;)

I will be sending out a December date for our first Solo meeting to go over budget items, schedule of events, pro’s/con’s, chief positions, goals and the future we want and expect out of our region. I want us to carry a mission statement for our 2016 season. This will keep us focused and continuously improving as a region and team. “FAMILY, FUN, FAST DRIVERS!!”

FAMILY: continue keeping our event family oriented and inviting to all ages. You can get involved in our club at a very young age and we need to embrace the youth and family atmosphere in our region. This will strengthen our foundation in our community. Fort Wayne has always been known for this atmosphere – let’s keep it alive and strong!

FUN: fun events have been a long time focus in the region, let’s take it up a notch! Brand exposure of our local companies in sponsorships and giveaways, entertainment during the event down times, and bring back fun runs in an organized and rewarding platform.

FAST DRIVERS: Fort Wayne SCCA has a great amount of talent and fast drivers. We need to increase our divisional and national entrant base at events. Improving our core base drivers regional will improve the quality of driver talent at events. Offer opportunities for our talented drivers to excel more with advanced driving schools and improve entry numbers of divisional and national competitors competing on our home turf. Make our marque venue pull the fastest of the fast in our division.

I finish this with one final thought. I am a driven and passionate individual. For us to succeed with the 3 F’s in our region, we need to stay focused, driven, and understand that we will not be perfect at our attempts to improve. But spreading the word, continuously improving our events and members skills, and having a lot of fun will make this happen very quickly. I am feeling AMPED!  ARE YOU!! See you all in December, time and place to be announced soon.



Jason Massey

Fort Wayne SCCA 2016 Solo Director

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