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In Full Gear!

That is right. We are in full gear to make the 2016 solo season epic. We have confirmed all our dates with our venues and will be getting a move on sponsors on some of the main venues to help offset expenses for the season. I welcome via email, phone call, text message, or facebook communication any ideas you have in regards to sponsors for our season. I am working on a few plans of attack and will have a release on this for our February solo meeting at the Lewis’s place of residence. Not only will we be doing an hour solo meeting, we will host a timing training class with Chris Brake from Indy SCCA region.
Cross training! We are only as strong as the people running the event. I would like to keep us all engaged and taught how the events run, equipment works, and proper unload/load instruction to 
maintain efficient events and in return will make them more fun and high entrants coming to race against us. We will continue our goals of spreading the work load of the events through delegation of chiefs and other helpful triggers at the events to engage new comers and returnees to join in the fun.
Solo Schedule is as follows:
April Sat 23rd - Driver School, Fort Wayne IN - IPFW April Sun 24th - Points Event #1, Fort Wayne 
IN - IPFW May Sat 14th - Points Event #2, Peru IN - Grissom AFB
May Sun 15th - Match Tour Style Regional Event, Peru IN - Grissom AFB June Sat 11th - Auburn 
Shifters Autocross, Auburn IN - RM Auctions June Sun 12th - Points Event #3, Auburn IN - RM 
July Sun 10th - Points Event #4 & GLSS Div. Points Event, Fort Wayne IN - War Memorial Coliseum
August Sat 6th - Points Event #5, Peru IN - Grissom AFB
August Sun 7th - P oi nts E ven t #6 “ HO O SIE R CH ALL ENG E” ,  Peru IN  - Grissom AFB September 
Sun 25th - Points Event #7, Fort Wayne IN - Allen County War Memorial Coliseum October Sun 23rd - 
Po ints Ev ent #8 “  H ALLOW  EEN T HEM ED”  ,  Aub urn IN - RM Auctions November Sun 6th - FUN 
Solo Chief’ s for 2016:
Tech: John Fehring
Reg: Rhonda Fehring | Co-Chief: Melissa Britten
Timing and Scoring: ???OPEN??? Trophies: Ivan R. Almodovar
PR:  ??? OPEN??? Workers:  ??? OPEN??? Rookies: Steve Mieritz Safety:  ??? OPEN???
Solo Meeting:
DATE: February, Saturday 20th at 11AM
EATS?: Pot-Luck style snacks, drinks, lunch
For address: Call Jason at 260-452-7804
Facebook event:

Hope to see some new faces at the solo planning meeting and thanks to a Ivan for wanting to chief the Trophy Chief position! He does a great job at this and look forward what we come up with for the new season in trophies!

Jason Massey
Solo Director
P: (260) 452-7804 | Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Facebook:
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