About the Fort Wayne Region

Regional Achievement Awards are presented to all Fort Wayne Region Members, 16 years of age or older,
who earn a minimum of 1,000 points in a calendar year by participating in at least two of the four areas of
competition and involvement, Meetings and other club sponsored special events (10 or more events); Rally;
Road racing; and SOLO.
Awards are also presented to Fort Wayne Region Junior Members, less than 16 years of age, who earn a
minimum of 400 points in a calendar year by participating in two of the areas of participation.
When calculating your yearly points, only one point category may be used per day. For example, a member
who is a worker and a driver may only receive 50 points per day; a member who chairs an event and participates
as a worker or driver may only receive 100 points one day and 50 the second day.
Points accumulated toward Regional Achievement Awards are based the honor system. You are responsible
for tracking your points; no one else will do this for you. Send your points log regularly to the Points Keeper
to earn your Regional Achievement Award at the next Annual Awards Banquet.

Download points form here

Points are awarded as follows:
Regional Officer 100 per year
Event Chair 100 per year
Event Co/Ass’t Chair 75 per year
Race or Round table Chair 100 per year
Banquet or Trophy Chair 100 per year
Points Keeper 100 per year
Working Chief of Specialty 75 per 1-day event
100 per 2-day event
Event/Race Worker 50 per day
Working Crew 50 per day
Event Participant (Races, Rally, SOLO) 50 per day
Working Functions 50 per day
(Flag Sewing, Trophy Making, etc.)
Drift Article/Photos 50 per article
Roundtable/National Convention 30 per day
FWR and /or SCCA functions/events 15 per event
(Meetings, car shows, Parties, Banquets, etc.)

Regional Pointskeeper
Rhonda Fehring