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Solo Tech Inspection Checklist

REMEMBER. Don’t be intimidated – the tech inspectors just want to make sure your car is safe. We’re here to help.

Be sure you are ready when you bring your car to tech. Use the following checklist when preparing for your next event.

1.       Did you already register? Make sure you have already paid and know your car class and number. Before getting in line, make sure you put your number and class on the car.

2.       PLEASE... Take all loose items out of your car. This includes, but not limited to bowling balls, loose stereo equiptment, coins, unsecured child seats, fast food bags, and any other items that may move around the car durring the event.

3.       Batteries must be rigidly attached to the frame (no bungee cords or twine). Batteries that have been relocated must be bolted down safely and inside a marine type enclosure, unless they are non-spillable gel based.

4.       All snap on hubcaps and trim must be removed. All lug nuts/bolts must be installed and properly tightened. While you’re checking, look for wheel damage as well.

5.       Make sure your tires are in good condition, i.e. no cords showing.

6.       Driver’s seat properly mounted and the seat back secure. Are the seat belts properly installed and in good condition.

7.       Is the throttle in good working order and have positive spring action/return.

8.       Do the brakes have adequate pedal pressure? Is the brake fluid reservoir full?

9.       Are the wheel bearings, shocks, steering, ball joints, and other suspension components in good working order? How are your engine belts and hoses? Please, no excessive fluid leads of any kind.

10.   Is the exhaust secure and leak-free? An adequate muffler must be installed. Some sites will have a noise limit.

11.   Does your helmet fit properly? All helmets must have a Snell 2005 or later sticker visible. A limited amount of loaner helmets are available at the event. 

12.   In short, the car must be in safe operating condition.  This includes anything not on this list

13.   When it’s your turn to be inspected, turn your car off, open your trunk and hood, and stay with your car during the inspection process.

we want everyone to have a safe and fun time.